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Abgegebene Stimmen:  59 .  88.14%  mögen das Spiel.
Abgegebene Stimmen: 59 . 88.14% mögen das Spiel.
Beschreibung Obama vs Romney Slaphaton:
The 2012 Presidential elections are coming up soon and the two main candidates are Obama and Romney. But politics are pretty boring and the debates before the elections are not that interesting either. So let us make them more fun with this awesome slapathon match! You can choose which of the candidates you want to slap and the object you want to slap them with: a microphone or a baseball glove. Just drag them with your mouse to use them and try to do it with as much power possible to get a higher score. You can change between them during the game in the lower part of you screen, for a little variety. You will see your victim getting more hurt with each hit, which will be kind of fun to watch. The opponent will think the same, while he laughs shamelessly. You can see your score in the upper part of the screen and the number of hits you have made and how many are left. You have a total of six slaps to make. Have a blast at the White House and do not take things too seriously. Have a great time!

Spiel Anleitung:
Mouse = Slap


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